As the city got locked down due to Coronavirus, we were not able to stock up on required fruits and vegetables. So that is the reason I will be skipping my morning vegetable juice for most of the days. Instead, I would be replacing it with lemon tea. But if you find fresh vegetables then don't skip your morning juice.

I had fresh elements only after the boiling tea has been turned warm. Because if you add lemon to very hot tea then the enzymes and the vitamins in lemon will be destroyed.

Muskmelon at 10.00 am

After having my lemon tea, the next thing that I had is this muskmelon. It was fresh, juicy and very sweet.

Jowar Roti with mix vegetables

The next thing that I had is this jowar roti with vegetables.
It is important that you have grains along with a lot of vegetables.
The vegetables should at least be twice the proportion of grains that you would be consuming.
Awarded alfalfa sprouts also along with my meal for added enzymes.

Click here to get the recipe for the same.

Mix steam vegetables with Chutney.

That's a vegetable and chutney I had for the evening.
Just I did not add any type of grain for the evening meal.
Earlier whenever I used to have been made during the evening time. I would experience a very bad flareup the other day in the morning.
that was the day I decided that I will never have grains for the evening meal.