Today I woke up with lot of gratitude for universe to see this beautiful day.

As I was really grateful for my family members who are very supportive.

If you are in my inner circle you may be knowing that my foot got fractured while doing my regular dance exercise routine. So it was my family that help me throughout the day. My dad made delicious dishes for me.
As I woke up late again I skipped my morning juice.

So the first thing that I had in morning was my lemon tea with some herbs at around 8.00am.

Had Watermelon with its Seeds

later at around 10:00 a.m. I had my morning breakfast which has a plate of watermelon.

I generally have watermelon along with its seeds. Because in satvic diet we are focused on eating whole foods. And only when we eat watermelon along with seeds we will get the complete nutrition required by the body.
Moong with ladies Finger, sprouts, Green chutney and carrot Sticks

After that around 1:30 p.m. I had my lunch which was one grain meal.

That is moong along with bindi as sabji.

I always make it a point to add some alfalfa sprouts, salads and some Green chutney.

I just love to have carrot sticks along with the green chutney. I was completely in the moment while having my lunch.

Bottle Guard carrot Soup.

I had my evening meal at around 6:30 p.m. which was soup made up of carrot and bottle gourd.

I did add some cabbage sourkraut and black pepers for some flavour. It turned out to be absolutely delicious.

Finally ended my day with feelings of abundance and gratitude.

I also reflect upon my daily activities during the night time.

After doing some meditation I went to sleep. :)

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