If you are in my inner circle then you may be knowing that my left foot got fractured today as I slipped while doing my regular exercise routine. The Yoga mat that I was using was not anti-skid one, leading to an injury. That is the reason it is very important to maintain precautions.

So today it was my family that served me satvic meals. That is the reason I am very grateful for my family.

Muskmelon with Mint at 10.00 am

During the morning time, I had this breakfast that consists of a fruit and this fruit is called muskmelon which is a water-rich fruit. When I garnished it with mint it gave a very delicious flavour

Ladies Finger and Potato with Green Chutney at !.00 pm

Then after that I continue with my daily activities and I resumed my work. When I again felt hungry again, I had this ladies finger along with potato and other spices like cumin seeds along with some turmeric. Finally garnished it with coriander leaves. Chutney is made up of cabbage along with coriander, dill leaves, tamarind, half green chilli and cardamom. Again I have not added any salt to it.

Steamed Beetroot and cabbage with alfalfa prouts

And my last meal was steamed cabbage along with beetroot. I wanted to include something RAW and my leg was fractured to make a chutney for myself so I decided to include sprouts which are very handy.

It is always useful to store some sprouts into your fridge as a ready to eat snacks whenever you are hungry.

So sprouts are a very rich source of enzymes and nutrients. So whenever you get an opportunity include as much as seed sprouts as possible into your diet.

It is also very important to note that during the healing stage early seed sprouts like fenugreek or alfalfa sprouts should be consumed because grain sprouts can be very difficult to digest.

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