I started my day by having lemon tea in the morning at around 9.00 am.

Woke up late today so I skip my morning Juice.
It is important that you have your morning glass of juice after at least 2 hours of waking up.
So that there is sufficient digestive juices inside the stomach to digest the juice.

Later at around 11:00 a.m. I had steamed radish along with sprouted pea. As always I had it with my chutney.
This time the chutney included beetroot, dill leaves, tamarind, half green chillis and chia seeds.

I have not added salt or coconut in the chutney.
Adding salt to your diet may slow down your healing process.
Instead of salt, I have added spirulina powder.
You can derive the taste of salt even from spinach leaves.

At around 3:30, I had few chikoos as a snack

Again at around 6:30, I had my dinner which is steamed Cabbage with Capsicum.
I did not include any grains in my evening meals. Along with sabji jeera and ajwain was also included.

Chutney for my evening days was made using cabbage, coconut dill leaves, spinach and tamarind.
Again no salt.
I enjoyed this chutney with carrot sticks as salad.

Because when you have grains in your evening meals, your body will get very less time for healing during the night time.
And whole night the body will be busy digesting the grains which takes longer time to digest as compared to vegetables.

Finally, I ended my day with some breathing exercises and meditation to prepare myself for a good sleep.

As most of the healing takes place when you are asleep. It is very crucial to slow down your thoughts through meditation so that you get a good quality sleep.

If you fail to do meditation before sleep then your body will sleep but your mind will still be active which will not help in giving you a good quality of healing sleep.
So ensure that you religiously wrote a practice of doing meditation on a daily basis.

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