Green Moong Dosa


  1. 2 cup of green moong soaked in water overnight.
  2. one piece of fresh carrot
  3. rock salt to taste


Wash and rinse 2 cups of whole green moong  with water and add into the mixer jar, add one spoon of  rock salt and grind well. Remove the mixed content from the mixture into a bowl. Keep fry pan over the gas stove and let the pan become hot take mixer  of moong dal with big spoon and pour over the hot pan and spread it in a round shape like dosa. Let  it cook in  medium heat after 3-4 minutes turn it upside down and let it cook again for 3-4 minutes it will become light brown and spread grated carrot over the dosa. Serve along with chutney.

Beetroot Chutney.


  1. Few slices of fresh coconut      .
  2. One piece of green chilli
  3. One small piece of ginger
  4. 1 tablespoon of sauerkraut
  5. One large size of tomato.
  6. 1 medium size beetroot
  7. Two small pieces of tamarind


Roughly chop coconut and  tomato at beet root. Add all these in a grinder jar along with other ingredients put little water in the jar and grind it till it becomes      a paste. please don't grid more which is not advisable.

Serve moong dosa with this chutney. Garnish with some coconut slices.