We all know that meditation is absolutely critical in order to maintain good health and reverse diseases. But rarely do we take action. That is the reason I created the series of my meditation diary, in order to help you to stay disciplined in this practice of doing meditation on a daily basis. Today I try this new form of meditation quotes on meditation you can check the YouTube video below for the same.

While doing the sound meditation you can think about what you want to manifest in your life. As we all would like to manifest health I would request you all to imagine that your health is being manifested and visualise that you are running, dancing and singing and enjoying good health throughout your life. This meditation will also help to reduce your tension and increase peace of mind. And before doing any meditation remove any doubts in your mind and increase the amount of faith and belief in your mind. This meditation will help to reduce stress and increase peace in your life.

You can choose to do this sound meditation every day in the morning for 20 minutes. This is one of the highest forms of sound meditation to activate chakras or energy centres in the body.

Apart from helping you to reverse this disease like rheumatoid arthritis.  It will also help you to become more focused, centric and disciplined in your healing approach,

type of meditation along with thinking about what you want to manifest also feel about the same which will help you to manifest health very quickly.

While doing this type of Meditation focus on the energy center between the third eye.
Before every affirmation recite the sound of 'Om' or 'Aah' which is the secret sound of manifestation. And also inhale and exhale deeply while reciting the sound as narrated in the video.


  • I know that each moment I am free to decide
    No matter how much I protest I am completely responsible for whatever happens to my life.
  • My past is nothing but the trail that I have left behind. What drives my life today is the energy that is generated in each of the present moment
  • I rid myself of my doubts because I believe that there is a valid reason for everything that happened,
  • I realise that I am always free to let go and observe my life.
    The more I listen the more broken the silence becomes.
  • I know that ready to lift myself beyond the world that I experience through the physical senses
  • I know that I can connect myself to the divine mind and guarantee myself peace at any given moment.
  • I know that my soul gets stronger as I seek truth in my current reality.
  • I know that the very essence of my being and the way of transforming my life is LOVE.
  • My judgement prevents me from seeing the truth that lies beneath the physical appearances.
  • I know that I am already whole and I need not chase after anything in order be complete.
  • I am aware that I don't need to dominate anyone to be spiritually awake.
  • I will work throughout this day with my purest intention for the highest good of all.
  • I will radiate my sacred self outward to the collective good of all.

After completing his meditation practice you have initiated the process of manifesting your desire to become healthy again.