It is important that you have your evening meal within the sunset time. As your digestive fire tends to dim after sunset. And it is always best to have something very easy to digest. So its better to avoid grains during evening time. Vegetable are very easy to digest. So the best options is always soups, salads or some steamed vegetables along with raw salads. It is better to avoid fruits during evening time.

Steamed Pumpkin + Beetroot with Chutney

It is so easy to cook Satvic meals. In the above picture that you can see I have just steamed pumpkin and beetroot for around 15 minutes.

At the same time I also prepared my beetroot chutney. I must tell you the beetroot chutney was really very tasty. So the contents of chutney were beetroot, spinach, raw mango, dates, half green chilli, white pepper powder with some poppy seeds. Just grind All the above ingredients. And your chutney is ready And it comes out to be really yummy. You can adjust the quantity according to your taste.

I have served it with some raw papaya, carrots and spinach leaves to make the plate look colourful

Steamed Broccoli + Beetroot with chutney

For the second option is just the slight variation of the above ingredients. In the above picture adjust steamed beetroot and broccoli separately. So that the broccoli does not turn pink if you steam together.
For beetroot chutney instead of raw mango I have added some tamarind. Rest all the ingredients was same. So this is how you can add variations according to the ingredients that are available at your home currently. It takes just 10 to 15 minutes to prepare such Satvik meals.

So make sure to enjoy your every evening with such colourful and nutritious satvic meals.

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