Yes, anything that is sweet will cause a certain level of inflammation.

This is the formula that you need to keep in mind throughout the healing stage.

Ideally, it would be best to completely quit fruits during the healing stage. But because in our inner circle we are planning to gradually shift the diet to satvic Lifestyle. Some proportion of fruits is allowed in the diet. And it is highly recommended that you opt for only low sugar fruits. Because our body also needs some amount of sugar to maintain the energy levels throughout the day.

Now when it specifically comes to mangoes and bananas, these fruits are not only sweet but artificially ripened too. With the intention to generate more profits, carbide powder is used to ripen the fruits in the shortest interval of time. So these  artificially ripened fruits can be very difficult to digest especially in the healing stage. Because then technically it can be considered like eating unripe fruit. Just imagine what happens to the digestive system when you are eating a fruit which is not even ripe.

During the healing stage, our body is very weak, because of which the digestive system is also very week. This makes it Very difficult to digest sweet fruits like banana and mango.
So the final conclusion is that sweet fruits like banana and mango does cause inflammation.

But if you are able to find an organic variety of bananas and mangoes. And you have also crossed the healing stage successfully. Then you may choose to add Bananas and Mangoes occasionally. Another important thing to note is that if you are consuming high-calorie fruits like bananas and mangoes it is also very important to do intense exercises like cycling or weight training.

To share my experience even i faced increase in inflammation and pain level when I tend to consume more than one banana or mango. So even after healing you need to be careful with these sweet fruits and consume it in moderation.

So you need to be very careful especially when you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or any other autoimmune diseases. Because the root cause of all the diseases is the same, lack of knowledge and wrong diet. So always keep yourself aware by learning and investing in your knowledge.

In my Advanced diet plan you will also learn some of the advanced strategies like how I did "Sugar fasting" to heal this disease and become "Pain Free, Drug Free and Back to Maximum Energy".

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