If you are suffering from chronic disease like rheumatoid arthritis, then you should understand how difficult it is to digest raw food along with its fiber.

Presence of disease in the body does not allow the digestive system to function at its optimum level.
By investing in a good juicer we are actually outsourcing the job of the digestive system to the juicer.

So now your juicer will be responsible to separate all the nutrients from the vegetables and fruits from its fiber. As a result, your stomach does not have to work hard in order to digest fiber in order to absorb the nutrients.

Just like being human beings need to rest in order to work efficiently the other day similarly. Our stomach also requires rest in order to perform its activities effectively throughout the day.

To tell my story I was able to heal faster when I started using juicing. When I started my journey I started with smoothies and I observed that the rate of healing was very slow. As soon as I started juicing, I was able to see faster improvements in my blood reports. This itself indicates the power of juicing in healing. Because, eventually you are giving more time to your body for healing instead of digesting.

The time required for the juice to get digested is just 20 to 30 minutes. Whereas the time required for smoothies and raw food to digest is much higher.

Other important benefits are as follows:

  • 95% of all the vitamins and enzymes required by the body is derived from the fruits and vegetables in its raw form.
  • Alkaline nature of the juice helps in the detox of the body. This promotes in the elimination of accumulated toxins by the elimination channels of the body like kidneys skin lungs and Bowel.
  • The anti-inflammatory compounds present in the juice can help in boosting the immune system which makes you feel energetic instantly.Over a period of time, it will help to strengthen your digestive system.
  • The juice cleanse also helps in promoting the growth of good bacteria and reducing the number of bad bacteria that is one of the major causes of illness.

Some of the precautions during a juice fast.

  • During fasting, it is important that you consume vegetable juice rather than fruit juice. Fruit juice can cause a sudden spike in glucose levels in the body which may result in inflammation.
  • If possible try and source organic vegetables. If organic vegetables are not available then you will have to soak the vegetables in water before juicing.It is always better to use seasonal fruits and vegetables for juicing.
  • People with kidney disorders limit the quantity of juice. As, drinking juice all day may put too much of load on your kidneys.
  • As the amount of calories is drastically reduced fasting is not recommended for people who are underweight.
Before making any changes to your diet consult with your doctor in case you have any chronic illness.
And wish you all a very happy juicing journey!

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