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Meet Seema

Welcome to my website! Thank you for being here. Many of you might not be knowing this that before being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I had practised Bharatanatyam dance for eight years, was also actively involved in other extra curricular activities like Karate and sports. Despite having an active lifestyle I suffered from a disease that almost crippled me. Today, After a decade of suffering with RA, I am back to a normal and active lifestyle. Now it's my mission to help people with rheumatoid arthritis reverse their disease naturally.

What People Say

Dr. Amin Momin

"I have been providing treatment to Seema for the last 3 years. And I have observed that with every passing day her health condition only got better. I am totally amazed by her commitment towards maintaining discipline of natural diet and consistent exercise regime. I am sure that her positive attitude along with the willingness to serve humanity can make a difference."

Dr. Nimisha Patellia

"Seema is a living example that conveys how one can potentially reverse RA with few diet and lifestyle changes. As I have provided treatment to many RA patients, I can understand the pain and suffering that the patient goes through. If not diagnosed at an early stage this disease can only progress with every passing day which may lead to permanent disability. I am glad that Seema is creating Awareness of this disease. My best wishes to her."

Mr. Sai Bharadwaj

"Seema, thank you so much for this initiative. After eliminating the packed food, fast food, junk and started with Satvic life style I was observing my body for 2+ months there is significant level of inflammation levels getting down, and found this course to be true inspiration on my healing journey. I personally believe and will follow Satvic life style along with exercises more dedicatedly to come out of RA for sure."

Mr. Satyam Pandey

"Thank you so much Seema for creating this course. I have gone through the entire curriculum of the level 1 course of the Satvic Lifestyle Model. I will do my best to abide by all the satvic codes of nature. It has given me the required confidence to reclaim my health back. I would highly recommend this course to people who are looking to reverse their diseases naturally."

Mr. Hariram gupta

"I have been part of satvic Lifestyle community for past few months now. I must say it is very inspiring to see people getting results in few weeks of time. Thank you Seema, for building this community and providing required continuous support. Having a community like that keeps me motivated to follow Healthy habits on daily basis."